Victory Music, October 2007
Brian Butler: WAIT ALL NIGHT
Reviewed by Heidi Fosner

Brian Butler has been on the Seattle music scene since the 70's and his newest CD Wait All Night can only add to his already excellent reputation. Acoustically speaking , Butler does it all - jazz, folk, rock, and honky-tonk. But Wait All Night is about the blues, Brian's own mixed in with some classics like L. Carr's "Night Time Is The Right Time", and Johnny Cash's "Big River".

Butler's vocals are smooth and jazzy, a little sleepy and a little sexy. His songs are clever and well crafted and stand up pretty well against the covers he's mixed in the with them. Butler is well known in the Northwest as an accomplished blues guitarist, but Wait All Night debuts Butler as a blues pianist as well. You can hear it on track 4 "When The Wind Blows (And The Lights Go Out)", an original tune with a 'need - some-lovin' them Butler revisits on two of his other compositions, "Inconsequential", and "Serious Business". Butler's songs, whether played on piano or guitar, show off his musicianship nicely and are more likely to warm the heart than break it. He has a sense of humor and a fun sense of word play even when decrying that, "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be", or bemoaning a lost love, "Hard To Keep". Wait

All Night ends with a lovely version of "When Did You Leave Heaven", by Bullock and Whiting, leaving the listener as impressed with Butler's singing as his playing. I'd recommend this CD to anyone who digs the blues. Learn more about Brian Butler by checking out his website at